How to run Java server page (JSP) in Linux Ubuntu

Let us see how to run a jsp in linux without IDE.create ,run configure tomcat.

         As a first step to run a java server page(.jsp) in Linux ,we need to have tomcat server installed in the system .To install Tomcat server  run the below command in the  terminal prompt : (alt + ctrl + t ).

Tomcat installation:

                           sudo apt-get install tomcat7  

If you have problem in installation go here

Now let us create a simple jsp file  
  Put the below code in the gedit, vi or any other text editor. 
           <%="Hello World!"%>
  save the file as  hello.jsp    
        1. Type " sudo nautilus " in terminal (without Quotes) .
        2. Get into the location filesystem/var/lib/tomcat7/webapps.

        3.Inside webapps folder create a new folder and name it as jsp. And put the "hello.jsp"  file inside the jsp folder .

Note: All the .jsp files should be placed inside the tomcat6/webapps (as seen above).

TO Run Java server page (JSP) in Ubuntu 

        4.Open your browser type the following URL      


8080 is a port number for apache tomcat server.

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