How to make bootable USB Pen Drive

How to burn ISO File into USB Pen Drive ?

Make sure you have Following things with you:

1. Unetbootin, an utility to burn ISO image into USB Thumb/Pen Drive. Download it from Here-
2. An ISO image of the Operating System which you want to install.
3. An USB Pen Drive having greater storage capacity than the size of ISO image, a 4GB Thumb Drive would be best for ISO Image of most of the operating systems.

Follow the Given Steps:

i. Download Unetbootin utility from the link given above.
ii. RUN Unetbootin
iii. In Unetbootin Windows, select Diskimage Option(Radio button) and make sure ISO is selected from drop-down list.
iv. Click on three periods, i.e. “…” and Browse and Select the ISO image of the Operating System you want to burn in USB Pen drive
v. Click on OK and wait for few minuter or hour(s) till your ISO Image in burnt into the Thumb Drive.

Your System need some changes to work with the USB .The main steps follows
    By default Operating System give bootable option to CD , let us change it to USB drive .

  •   With your USB device inserted, restart the machine.
  •  Enter the BIOS setup menu to change the boot device setting.
  •  Select USB-HDD or USB-ZIP (preferred). 
  • Save and exit the BIOS setup. You should be able to boot up with you USB device

How to make bootable USB Pen Drive

Some popular software to burn ISO image into USB:

            Linux Live
            SUSE Studio ImageWriter     (for windows)
            Rufus                                        (available for windows,Linux)
            SARDU                                    (available for windows,Linux)
            UltraISO+ EasyBoot               (available for windows,Linux)
            YUMI                                       (Linux)
            XBoot                                       (Linux)

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