Notepad Script to Freeze Someone's desktop

 How to make virus with notepad to Freeze Someone's desktop

Freeze someone's desktop:

 This trick lets you to freeze someone's desktop

1. Close everything you are working in, and work on desktop. so click on prtscr on your keyboard.
2.Go to paint and click on edit then paste
3.Save this file as (name).bmp and close the paint.
3.Now in the desktop, we have 2 remove desktop icons and shortcuts, so right click on the mouse and then properties, click on desktop then select customize desktop.
4.Uncheck all the boxes in desktop icons and press ok. then press apply then ok.
5.Now to remove the shortcuts in the desktop, go to start and select My Computer, then click on c: right click on ur mouse and select new folder, write it any name

6.Now go to desktop & select all da icons and right click on them then press cut,go to c: and paste them in the folder dat u created then close the window.

7.Now to put the fake desktop image and remove the taskbar, so right click on desktop and gp to properties, now go to desktop and select Browse, select the file that u saved then press appply then ok. now to remove the windows taskbar, right click on the taskbar and go 2 properties, then select autohide the taskbar and then apply then ok
now all the icons r fake and the user will think that his desktop is freezed
enjoy it.!

 How to make virus with notepad to Freeze Someone's desktop

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