How to download completed data from Facebook

  How to download all the photos from Facebook       

       Are you a serious Facebook user ? You have too much ‘important’ data on Facebook. If yes then this article is for you. In this article we will teach you how to download you complete data from Facebook.

What will be there in Downloaded file ?

  • Photos or videos you’ve shared on Facebook
  • Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations
  • Your friends’ names and some of their email addresses

Follow the given steps to download your data from Facebook :

1. Log-in to Facebook
2. Navigate to ‘Account Settings’
3. Move to ‘General Tab’
4. Under in ‘General Tab’ below Language setting, Click on ‘Download a copy’ of your Facebook data.
5. Now a new page will be opened, on it Click on ‘Start my Archive’

That’s it !! Once you click on ‘Start my Archive’ again you will be sent a email with attachment of download copy of your Facebook data
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